Mahavishnu Orchestra fans...?

Which album/s would you recommend for the heavier/fusion type stuff? Thanks. I own one live recording and would like studio recordings.
The first two, "Inner Mounting Flame" and "Birds of Fire" are
by far my favorites. They are, I believe some of the best models of the intersection between Rock and Jazz. Phenomenal playing throughout.
Got to agree with Siliab. Also try The Lost Trident Sessions to hear studio versions of some of the tunes on the live album Between Nothingness and Eternity.

The original band consisted of John Mclaughlin, Jan Hammer (keyboards), Jerry Goodman (violin), Billy Cobham (drums) and Rick Laird (bass).

I think that Jan Hammer was a major contributor to the original Mahavishnu sound. You might check out Spectrum (with Billy Cobham and Jan Hammer) and Like Children (Jan Hammer and Jerry Goodman) for some other examples of his work. Later he went commercial doing music for Miami Vice.

Tensions between McLaughlin and Hammer broke up the original band after The Lost Trident Sessions, and subsequent Mahavishnu albums lack the raw passion of the earlier ones.

John McLaughlin has had an eclectic career and has changed styles many times. Try Johnny McLaughlin Electric Guitarist as well.

I also love Alan Holdsworth, and you might check out some of his work (Velvet Darkness) for more mind bending fusion guitar.
When I was a teenager "Visions of the emerald beyond" was one of my favorite records for acid trips. Now when I hear it I get a metallic taste in my mouth.

I am not a fusion fan, but I have a soft spot for McLaughlin's Shakti album "Handful of beauty". Sweet.