Mahavishnu Orchestra fans...?

Which album/s would you recommend for the heavier/fusion type stuff? Thanks. I own one live recording and would like studio recordings.
Inner Mounting Flame and Birds of Fire woke a lot of us up back then, and I ended up in music school in a fusion band in part as a result. It was great while it lasted...

So I second everybody else's view, and also agree with Ghostrider45 that you ought to check out Allan Holdsworth. I particulalry like his live CD All Night Wrong, which closely mirrors (in better sound) the live show I heard of his a couple of months ago in Houston. He can be truly breathtaking. Makes me glad I got out of the business...
Thanks for the response/info. Holdsworth I have listened to a bit though some time ago. Are there any newer bands that do the same type stuff? My collection has grown since I purchased a cd player back in early '82 or '83 along with a handful of longcase cd's which I still own (was military dependant overseas in High Sch)) It varies to the extreme (light jazz, Joni, Zappa, classic rock, pop, death metal) I like Tribal Tech, and virtioso prog rock bands like Dream Theater etc...? I just prefer the more talented fusion jazz/rock type bands the most.
You could try McLaughlin's 2008 release Floating Point. Fusion music recorded in India with Indian musicians.

There's also Chick Corea's fusion efforts, both solo and with Return To Forever and Elektric Band. His catalog is huge, but some personal faves are Romantic Warrior and My Spanish Heart.

I'm also a fan of Jean Luc Ponty's (electric violin) bands from the 70's and 80's. Try Aurora, Imaginary Voyage, Enigmatic Ocean, and Cosmic Messenger for starters.

Tribal Tech is good, but no one has ever reached the same peak as Mahavishnu.

Gammajo: Both Inner Mounting Flame and Birds of Fire were remastered a few years ago and sound better. In addition Mofi issued Inner Mounting Flame on CD in 1999.
Hands down, Visions of the Emerald Beyond. Michael Walden replaced Billy Cobham on drums and Jean Luc Pony replaced Sugar Cane Harris on violin. Who would have thought that Billy Cobham was replaceble? Walden was spectacular on this record. Jean Luc Ponty? WOW! No need to say anymore, just Wow! First time I heard it I cried. That was 1974 and I was 17. Man I miss the 70's.