Mahler 8th Symphony

Who conducts your favorite performance of Mahler’s 8th Symphony?
I know it’s hard to get into and over all the counterpoint and screaming in Part I, but
who does that best?   
And how about the divine Part ll?  Who holds it together best?  
Of course SQ plays a big part in Mahler’s symphonies most especially in this one.  
You might want to comment on that as well.

I have an opinion, but I’d like to hear your’s first







There was a time when it was impossible for me listen to the 9th without tears coming to my eyes. The wistful longing of the 1st movement  was unbearable. Unfortunately I’m not able to reach that level of emotion these days. It is however still shakingly beautiful to me.
The Bernstein recording definitely rises to that level. His approach is a little over the top to me. I’m used to a more stoic presentation.
Believe it or not my first encounter with it was from a Russian conductor: Kirill Kondrashin. It changed my life. Since then I’ve gone through a myriad of performances including a live one by Solti in Carnegie Hall.
The Bernstein is right up there with the best.

Some interesting thoughts on Mahler’s 8th from this gentleman. I agree with his top pick. Recommended.

Antoni Wit cond. Warsaw Philharmonic on NAXOS.


This new recording by the Minnesota Orchestra under the direction of Osmo Vanska of Mahler’s 8th should not be missed. 


Solti - Chicago - 1971

Stunning performance and unbelievable (for 1971) recording that is still stellar in 2023. Oh my goodness.