Mahler Project on LP

Just wanted to let folks know that if you love Mahler and you love vinyl that the San Francisco Symphony just announced that they would if demand was high enough they would press 500 more box sets of Mahler's complete cycle. I own this set and I am very, very impressed. I own many other Mahler works on lp by all the great conductors of the 20th century (Walter, Bernstein, Barberoli,Klemperer ect.) and this set is equal to them in many ways. AND the Sound is Fantastic! The Vinyl is quiet and the dynamics are not like any classical album I own. It's great fun.
My above post got mangled....I meant to say that my SACD player was a sub $1K Marantz and each of my analogue rigs were over $25K
You are entitled to be pleased with your purchase but I cannot entertain any agreement. First, additional "mastering" for vinyl can include both limiting dynamic range and sweetening, neither of which are consistent with accuracy. Second, there is the unavoidable problem with what they did with the additional channels. There's no way that information can be accurately represented on vinyl.

Of course, YMMV.

YMMV....LOL You are 100% correct. Don't get me wrong - if I had a 5.1 channel system and a reference level SACD player, I'm sure the SACD version would be my "go to" version (especially for $175) but pushed through a pitzy cheap player through a 2 channel system in a tiny listening space the final output suffered in comparison to the vinyl version which was re-mastered (albeit with inaccuracies) to optimize performance on a 2 channel system with a reference level playback system. As for the price is $750 steep .....sure - but who said this was a cheap hobby?
$750? When I checked when they first released it, it was $500! $750 would be even more outrageous!