Main Audiogon site barely works?

Has anyone else noticed over the past couple of days that the main Audiogon sales site seems to be on life support? It takes at least 20-30 seconds to load, and any changes in listing etc may or may not happen before the website times out. This didn't seem to be the case on Thursday but since yesterday the site has been barely useable. I'm wondering if it's just me or if there's a real server issue? 
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Having same issue getting on main site.
However as I frequent the forums occasionally (😁) I have a separate bookmark that goes straight to forums and not the main site.
That works instantly.
wasted Riley because many of us can’t get on at all

I understand what the member was saying....and most of the listings are on here for 30 days and I dont think that this " upgrade " they are doing is going to take 30 days to complete.

there might also be the possibility that since audiogon has made connecting an issue here , they might credit / extend the listings a few more days at no charge to the member.

could be a good time to sell over at usaudiomart ......just sayin
I'm not sure what kind of update takes 48+ hours, but nevertheless it's a little stressful that I can't get into the site to remove an item I have for sale, The bright side I guess is that no one else can get into the site and buy it before I can take it down.
I too can access the Forums but not the Items For Sale section. It's been that way for a few days now.
This site has been horrible for the last few days. It has been barely useable. Hopefully the issue is corrected sooner than later.