Mains Power Cable DIY

I'd like to DIY a main power supply to my system.
I'd like to do this in two or three stages
1st to build a power cable from the wall to my amp
2nd to build a mians distribution for all the gear

And 3rd: I'm waiting to renovate my condo.
At that time I'll have a primary circuit from the panel to stereo run
If anyone can offer their experience and specific details I'd much appreciate it
Currently I'm running an old "gang box" ....something I made during my construction days. Tonight I took the wall socket apart , cut it back and reconnected everything and there was a fair difference in what I heard.
I'm specifically looking at wire sizes and recommendations for shielding and what it all looks like. TIA. Appreciate your experiences


In this case find a source of 10 gauge 3 conductor wire and get high quality connectors for each end. Before I was able to add another 10 guage direct line, this is what I used. It takes some effort to get the wire and connectors to fit it, as this is very oversized. But it is worth it.  

I am a fan of fully shielded power cables, especially if you are coming off a conditioner.  Keeps the signal clean.

Not exactly DIY, but…..

Recently new power poles were put up on my street by contractors of the power company. The 3 7300 vac lines were raised to the top of a new pole. I asked if the same transformer was going back in place; they said yes. I asked if an additional transformer could be mounted for my house. They just said, “Sure!” So they mounted an additional transformer just to my house, tapped into the lesser used of the 3 phases. My cable coming into my house from the transformer went into a tree; so I asked if that could be replaced to clear the tree, since they had raised the transformer 10 feet and couldn’t cut down the big oak tree that was now interfering. They said YES!! They doubled my cable gauge, and re-routed it. Took me off the grid an hour. But now I have my own transformer and heavy cable servicing the house. I have 2 dedicated lines from the trunk line feeding my sound system. 8 gauge stranded on each circuit. 30 amp breakers on each circuit. 4 600 watt mono block amps.