Mains Power Cable DIY

I'd like to DIY a main power supply to my system.
I'd like to do this in two or three stages
1st to build a power cable from the wall to my amp
2nd to build a mians distribution for all the gear

And 3rd: I'm waiting to renovate my condo.
At that time I'll have a primary circuit from the panel to stereo run
If anyone can offer their experience and specific details I'd much appreciate it
Currently I'm running an old "gang box" ....something I made during my construction days. Tonight I took the wall socket apart , cut it back and reconnected everything and there was a fair difference in what I heard.
I'm specifically looking at wire sizes and recommendations for shielding and what it all looks like. TIA. Appreciate your experiences


That's amazing wolfie62.
I'm in a Condo in NY so I'm going to bet that's a no go. LOL

@smaarch1 - take a look at this DIY cable - it is excellent

Here are some member reviews of the Helix Cables

  • it's a bit of a read, but worth the effort

The are very much worth the effort

Regards - Steve

I 've been making own my power cables for years now. This morning I purchased; FURUTECH FP-S35TC PC-TripleC new technology & Schuko Furutech FI-E50 FI-50M FI-50 NCF Nano Crystal. I believe in burn in, so I'm going to switch out my Refrigerator line for about 3 weeks. I'll keep you updated.

Thank you Williewonka and Danmar123
Both great instructables that I need to spend some time with

 If you`re looking for a real upgrade buy some 12awg solid firealarmcable. Nothing else comes close