Mains Power Cable DIY

I'd like to DIY a main power supply to my system.
I'd like to do this in two or three stages
1st to build a power cable from the wall to my amp
2nd to build a mians distribution for all the gear

And 3rd: I'm waiting to renovate my condo.
At that time I'll have a primary circuit from the panel to stereo run
If anyone can offer their experience and specific details I'd much appreciate it
Currently I'm running an old "gang box" ....something I made during my construction days. Tonight I took the wall socket apart , cut it back and reconnected everything and there was a fair difference in what I heard.
I'm specifically looking at wire sizes and recommendations for shielding and what it all looks like. TIA. Appreciate your experiences


 If you`re looking for a real upgrade buy some 12awg solid firealarmcable. Nothing else comes close

I suspect the fire alarm cable sounds good but, why stop there?  The mc cable shown below has three 10awg connectors (H/N/G) and a metal casing that can be connected at the source end for shielding.  

Unfortunately, solid core wire has poor flexibility and can only safely be used in fixed installations and not in situations where the cable is subjected to being flexed due to the risk of the conductor and/or insulation failing if moved repeatedly.  This is probably why more audiophiles don't use Romex as power cables.


I like what mitch said "dont over think it".I might have to get some of the neotech/stash.I do sheilded source and non amp/conditioner and have no problems with noise.These guys know what there talkin about and as for running in i picked up audioharma so it shaves off weeks of runin.The suggestions so far i concur. you hit the lottery/in audio...sort of.

You can buy 1-2 meters of Oyaide Black mamba V2 or Furutech cable from ePay (from sellers out of Japan, doubtful it’s chicom counterfeit stuff) for $70 - blood plasma.

Plugs? Oyaide P-029 runs around $70, higher-end Oyaide or Furutech double that to first-born.

IEC end ditto.


Or you can spend your grandchildren’s inheritance on ready-made cables for $$$$$ prices.


I bought some Belden wire, Oyaide plugs and am happy enough with the results with a TEKTRON TK2 2A3/50I-S running EML 300b tubes. Still contemplating the Black Mamba stuff just ‘cause I like what I’ve read about it and, well, my inner adolescent says it sounds cool.


@mitch2  This is what I have running from my circuit breaker to a dedicated outlet (Oyaide something or other). Had my electrician approve it for new home build.

Now to finish the house…