Mains Power Cable DIY

I'd like to DIY a main power supply to my system.
I'd like to do this in two or three stages
1st to build a power cable from the wall to my amp
2nd to build a mians distribution for all the gear

And 3rd: I'm waiting to renovate my condo.
At that time I'll have a primary circuit from the panel to stereo run
If anyone can offer their experience and specific details I'd much appreciate it
Currently I'm running an old "gang box" ....something I made during my construction days. Tonight I took the wall socket apart , cut it back and reconnected everything and there was a fair difference in what I heard.
I'm specifically looking at wire sizes and recommendations for shielding and what it all looks like. TIA. Appreciate your experiences


I have made myself a well known advocate of using PC Triple C Wire on the ’Gon’ and in my social activities relating to Audio.

@danmar123 has referenced the wire in use in Furutech Cables.

I have been quite influential in encouraging others to adopt the usage of PC Triple C Wire and there has been a few take the usage much more serious than I have.

There have been a Variety of Trials done by others using different wire gauges, as well as Stranded vs Solid and different Connectors used both on Cables and Chassis/Speakers.

A few of my own Cables have been loaned to be compared against using these cables selected for trials.

PC Triple C wire certainly has created a interest and want to get the best from it as a wire, within my social circles that are not usually mustered by other wire types.

It is now also be used as Tonearm Internal Wand Wire, the only other place this wire is found used within a wand is the SAEC Tonearm @ $13K to purchase.

I have made the wire known in the Helix Thread and a few have adopted it and made attractive comments about how they perceived it in use.

From the individuals who were comparing the Wire in use, the outcome of their findings were that a Couple of expensive Cables were very different in use, where one was not seen as attractive in the audio system and interfaces used within the system. I have not been in the room at the tome of the trials, but have been demo’d the selections made, and can assure the impressions made are very attractive and indelible.

One such coupling that really shone out at all interfaces used, are the pairing seen in the link. When used on a device that had the Chassis Connector exchanged to a Pure Copper - Gold Plated type, the Cable in the link proved to be parity with the preferred type of the most expensive Cables.

Note: The Power Plug used was 1 x Wall Socket and 1 X IEC  of a UK Spec'.

I would also suggest looking for the Wire only and attempting a Helix Configuration with the Power Connectors.

The next step, if wanted to get a further improvement for the Cable usage, the suggestion is, to have a Pure Copper connector put onto the Chassis.

Item page- - Japan Shopping & Proxy Service

Monosaudio M104G/F104G Copper US Power Plug Pure Copper 24k Gold Plated Audio Power Connector IEC Plug DIY Power Cord Cable - AliExpress

Follow up on: 

I 've been making own my power cables for years now. This morning I purchased; FURUTECH FP-S35TC PC-TripleC new technology & Schuko Furutech FI-E50 FI-50M FI-50 NCF Nano Crystal. I believe in burn in, so I'm going to switch out my Refrigerator line for about 3 weeks. I'll keep you updated.

Just finished making my cord for my TT. I decided to use the plug on my Computer instead of the Refrigerator. Rite from the start, I noticed a brighter screen, but that's not saying much for the stock cord. I'm going to leave it in til next week & then try it out on the table...


The cable made no significant change on my table. Maybe I'll try it out on my amp, which has an Ice Age cable there already.