Major innovative break through: The new NSMT Loudspeakers reference speaker

In the next two weeks my Stereo Times review on the new NSMT Loudspeakers reference System Two will be posted. I wanted to give a heads-up to the GON members because I consider the System Two, which is composed of the Clairvoyant Monitor and SUB-DUO active band-pass subwoofer platforms to be a revolutionary break through both in performance and retail price $15,985. For example I compare the NSMT System Two to a great speaker, the Stenheim Alumine Five SE Dynamic Loudspeaker, and found the NSMT System Two to be superior in it's performance. Punch line- The Stenheim Alumine retails for $72,000! For all the details of why I came to the above conclusions take a look at the review when it is posted. 

Terry London (Teajay)


I confirm 100% everything Teajay said in his review. I walked into his house when he had Janet Monheit's Honey Suckle Rose track playing and I have never heard that level of 3d holographic sound.  That tone was crystal with full bass and this was the small subwoofers as the larger ones hadn't arrived.  I would recommend these.  Absolutely the best sound I ever heard and I have heard the NSMT 100's at Teajay's/

John Hoffman

Terry, but I thought you considered the Tekton speakers to be the greatest?

How would these compare to them?


Hey Ozzy,

I never stated that my Tekton design Ulberth speakers were the "greatest", but that they were superlative speakers at a very reasonable price. They were finally replaced after four years with the NSMT Loudspeaker Model 100 speakers because they out preformed the much large Ulberth speakers on all sonic parameters.

It took Erol Ricketts (designer) of NSMT another four years to design and build a new reference model, the System Two that qualitatively is better then my Model 100s to an amazing degree. This does not make either the NSMT Model 100 or the Tekton Ulberths null and void, both are still very high-level excellent transducers. It just proves that time and technology marches on leading to higher levels of performance. As I shared please look at the review for all the details of why I'm excited to share what the NSMT System Two speakers have to offer sonicly, and while not inexpensive they compete with anything on the market today, regardless of price.


One issue with the NSMT speakers is the lack of availability to audition them.  I called Erol (very nice). He said NSMT no longer has a listening room at their location (!).  He added that there used to be quite a few places across the US where their speakers were available to listen, but not anymore.  I was actually considering detouring by N.C. in the coming weeks on an upcoming road trip to visit NSMT and have a listen, but he made it clear it is no longer an option.  After a lengthy conversation, he did say that he was willing to ship me the upper (primary) module so that I could listen to it and decide if it is what I'm looking for.  I'll add that it is nice that you can buy the modules separately and build up to what you want. As of this writing, I haven't committed to having him send it but will weigh it. The website and phone call have left me a bit hesitant.  

Hey gregjacob,

Erol is a real gentlemen to work with. I hope you decide to choose to have a pair of Monitors shipped to you. I believe you will never send them back. By the way I live 30 miles outside of Chicago, if you ever want to visit to audition the System Two you are more then welcome. This goes for all GON members. 

Teajay (Terry London)