Major innovative break through: The new NSMT Loudspeakers reference speaker

In the next two weeks my Stereo Times review on the new NSMT Loudspeakers reference System Two will be posted. I wanted to give a heads-up to the GON members because I consider the System Two, which is composed of the Clairvoyant Monitor and SUB-DUO active band-pass subwoofer platforms to be a revolutionary break through both in performance and retail price $15,985. For example I compare the NSMT System Two to a great speaker, the Stenheim Alumine Five SE Dynamic Loudspeaker, and found the NSMT System Two to be superior in it's performance. Punch line- The Stenheim Alumine retails for $72,000! For all the details of why I came to the above conclusions take a look at the review when it is posted. 

Terry London (Teajay)


Hey Erol,

Thank you for the kind words towards me regarding being a good host. I'm really glad you finally were able to hear your System 2 speaker in the context of my system and acoustic space. 

So, if any of you Gon members who live in the Chicagoland area and would want to come hear the NSMT System 2 speakers, please let me know and I'll arrange it for you.

Teajay (Terry London)

There is absolutely nothing special about these speakers. They use the same old technology. I did not say the were bad but hey are not in any way shape or form a breakthrough. 

Hey mijostyn,

I answered this question already why the NSMT System 2 speakers offer two "breakthroughs". First, the development of a dual driver band-pass subwoofer strategy. Secondly, the financial cost vs, performance ratio. The performance level of this speaker is off the charts. You would have to spend immense amounts of money to equal the System 2's level of performance and still might not even equal it regardless what you spend.


NSMT does not show up in the Capital Audiofest 2023 list of exhibiters. You sure they are attending?

Their website seems to be currently only showing last year's exhibitors, or am I missing something?