Major innovative break through: The new NSMT Loudspeakers reference speaker

In the next two weeks my Stereo Times review on the new NSMT Loudspeakers reference System Two will be posted. I wanted to give a heads-up to the GON members because I consider the System Two, which is composed of the Clairvoyant Monitor and SUB-DUO active band-pass subwoofer platforms to be a revolutionary break through both in performance and retail price $15,985. For example I compare the NSMT System Two to a great speaker, the Stenheim Alumine Five SE Dynamic Loudspeaker, and found the NSMT System Two to be superior in it's performance. Punch line- The Stenheim Alumine retails for $72,000! For all the details of why I came to the above conclusions take a look at the review when it is posted. 

Terry London (Teajay)


Their website seems to be currently only showing last year's exhibitors, or am I missing something?

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Under Capital Audiofest 2023 "2023 Exhibiters and Brands" lists exhibiter names and rooms.

@bernardo When I click on "CAF 2023 Exhibitors and Brands" it sends me to a page titled "Exhibitors CAF 2022  Check Out Last Year's List Of Capital Audiofest 2022 Exhibitors". I can't seem to find this year's exhibitors on their website, odd as the show is only about a month away!

Hey Guys,

I'll get in touch with Erol to see if he will be at the show. I hope he will be there with the NSMT System 2 speakers so more people will be able to hear them and decide on their merits through direct experience.