Major innovative break through: The new NSMT Loudspeakers reference speaker

In the next two weeks my Stereo Times review on the new NSMT Loudspeakers reference System Two will be posted. I wanted to give a heads-up to the GON members because I consider the System Two, which is composed of the Clairvoyant Monitor and SUB-DUO active band-pass subwoofer platforms to be a revolutionary break through both in performance and retail price $15,985. For example I compare the NSMT System Two to a great speaker, the Stenheim Alumine Five SE Dynamic Loudspeaker, and found the NSMT System Two to be superior in it's performance. Punch line- The Stenheim Alumine retails for $72,000! For all the details of why I came to the above conclusions take a look at the review when it is posted. 

Terry London (Teajay)


@bernardo When I click on "CAF 2023 Exhibitors and Brands" it sends me to a page titled "Exhibitors CAF 2022  Check Out Last Year's List Of Capital Audiofest 2022 Exhibitors". I can't seem to find this year's exhibitors on their website, odd as the show is only about a month away!

Hey Guys,

I'll get in touch with Erol to see if he will be at the show. I hope he will be there with the NSMT System 2 speakers so more people will be able to hear them and decide on their merits through direct experience. 



I don't understand why you can't access the 2023 info. There is a pulldown under the Exhibitors and Brands heading for both 2023 and for 2022 shows. If you are using the Search feature below that may be that is the problem.

I have to vent a little concerning NSMT speakers. It is very disappointing that someone like myself can live 45 minutes from the speaker manufacturer's base but apparently has to travel hundreds of miles to hear these new System 2 speakers (or the Model 100) .

For the hundreds and thousands of people clamoring to hear the the NSMT Clairvoyant System Two at Capital Audiofest (just kidding) we will be demonstrating there. I will fill you in with the details later (not kidding).