Majority Of Your Listening Is Online Streaming Service, Do You Buy CD's Or Vinyl Any More?

Do you care to own hard copies of your recordings any more?


Though my majority of listening is through the CD format I do stream to find new music.  I too like the reality of holding the disc in my hand and actually owning a physical copy with artwork and lyrics physically there.  There’s something more to actually owning a physical copy for me.  Also for the collection aspect.  Most of my cd collection and all of my vinyl collection was stolen years ago.  I thought I’d never be able to replace my cds as the rumors of cds no longer being pressed were rampant at the time.  Suffice to say where there’s a demand there’s a supply and I don’t see cds or vinyl going extinct, at least not in my lifetime.  Never know though. There’s just to many CD players and turntables which is a large market for first time users and upgraders too.

      There’s a decent market for remastered cds too as the technology and art of remastering old analog releases to compact disc has evolved to very good sound quality.  Certainly much better than originally when cds first came out and better than 20 years ago.  I still like original analog when it comes to older releases done on vinyl originally yet again the remastering process has evolved to quite good standards.  I too went the compact disc route a long time ago.  I have about 2000 or so more cds to replace. Many box sets and other releases are out of print yet I’m still able to locate many releases that went missing from my collection.  I’m also constantly updating my collection with new releases and remastered releases if the remastering is worth it.  Just recently I bought Jethro Tulls Benefit, Aqualung and Thick as a Brick releases.  I had the whole Tull catalog up to and these three are part of the releases that went missing and I’m replacing.  They have the added benefit of being remastered by a Steven Wilson who does an excellent job.  Sounds so much better than the remasters I had that went missing.  Literally night and day.  I’ll be replacing the last set of remasters by Tull that I still have too, the sound quality is that much better.  

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90% via Roon/Tidal. For me, the benefit is being able to “go down the rabbit hole” and explore an artist’s discography, whole genres, offshoots etc, and be able to queue up albums on the fly for listening. Went through 6 or 7 Dinah Washington albums the other day, just out of curiously. How amazing is that?

FLAC via Tidal seems fine to me for day-to-day. I remember thinking (years ago) that I would just never get used to the idea of not owning the physical medium, but here I am (CD-quality streaming made it inevitable for me)

I have about 100 albums, and listen to vinyl where I think there is a reason to: love the music, quality & nature of recording, could have been performed in my living room, live, instrumentation etc. - e.g. Neil Young at the Cellar Door, Muddy Waters Hard Again, Joan Baez’ first album, etc. Some exceptions just because they sound awesome (Basie at The Sands, Metallica Black). Also driven by nostalgia, as my father listened to vinyl

I still have my CD’s, but have not bought a new one in ?10? years

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