Make Magnepan LRS Better

Who is using Magna Riser and VPE LDW model 1?  Magna Riser is not expensive stand.  And LDW is $1495 a pair.
Experiment both std lean back position vs straight up? I personally prefer the std lean back position with VPI bricks sitting on the legs in the back and tweeters on outside. Also replace the awful jumper. Ymmv
You need to get your ear at the same height as the center of the panel. So you must have low furniture, be height challenged, or get tall stands. All three methods work. 
I have .7s. I also have a pair of MMGs. I'm still tuning this system so I can't make a judgement yet but Stereophile magazine rated the LRS as class B one grade up from the .7. So it seems the little LRS is perhaps a good choice then if you want you can move up to a 1.7 or preferably a 3.7. But the key on any Magnepan is to get you ear on the center of the panel.