Making of the Doors 45RPM Vinyl re-issues

Here is a pretty neat video on the making of the Doors 45RPM Vinyl releases from start to finish on Analogue Productions and Quality Records Pressings:
It's funny this thread comes up now because I just pre-ordered this set last night after much debate myself. Corgy's is really the first completely negative feedback I've seen. Fremer thought both Strange Days and the debut were great. Whoever does "My Vinyl Review" felt the same. I've heard neither so far but love The Doors and am quite disappointed with the production quality of Rhino's lizard skin box, most of mine are on noisy vinyl.
I really want to believe Chad's QRP plant will be a reliable source of quality reissues. I applaud hid effort to do it right. I realize everything coming out of there hasn't been perfect however. I have Tea For the Tillerman, Shelby Lynn, Muddy Waters and Norah Jones from QRP and have been pretty happy. His packaging is first rate. My experience with these and the positive feedback played into my leap of faith on the Doors box.
Hopefully Corgy's experience is as isolated as it appears to be thus far. If I read more complaints I may end up canceling just as Albert did. I really hope in early October I have a beautifully packaged great sounding set arrive on my doorstep. The Doors are one of the few bands worthy of this outlay IMO.

I have bought a half dozen of the recent "Quality" pressings, with mixed results. My friend and I both receved label misprints on our "Ella and Louis Again" 45rpm pressings (wrong artist on one, and duplicate titles on another!). Plus I thought the sibilance was very noticeable in my setup, and prefer the MFSL pressing by far. My Shelby Lynn and Lori Lieberman pressings are too noisy for my liking.

I was tempted to order the Doors Box set but decided not to. I'm sure this is the exception and not the rule for the majority of the pressings. The other titles I own sound fantastic.
I have read of many problems with the Ella and Louis title. I have Shelby Lynn also which has great sound but was not perfectly flat. I used my Vinyl flat on it and it lays flat now and sounds great. I get the impression QRP is having a few growing pains, especially as they ramp up production. (my Tea For The Tillerman is perfect, their first) They seem to have their ducks in a row and are trying to control for everything. Even so, there are enough variables involved that problems can come up. They have only been in operation for a little more than a year. I hope the Doors Box will have benefitted from their brief experience. Worst case, it can always go back.