Making speakers “disappear”…..

So I’m just setting up my new system and dial it in-

Benchmark AHB2

Benxhmark DAC 3

Totem1 speakers


all trial and error here but…..when you guys are dialing in speaker placement do you move them around, closer and further away until the sound doesn’t actually seem that it’s coming from the speakers? So far I’ve found that sitting in a “triangle” - equal distance from the listening position that the speakers are placed apart and so far so good - do you guys do this or have any tips for me on this?


Oh, one thing….because my room is only 8feet wide I have the speakers closer to the wall than I would like, or if I brought them in two feet each I’m only left with four feet between the speakers !

Anyway, I’ll keep playing around with the limitations I have.

The equilateral triangle should be considered a guide or a starting point. What works for some users in some rooms with some speakers may or may not work for you. The experimental process should be fun and not a chore. When you discover a placement you like, mark it with tape on the floor or document the dimensions and see if you can make any further improvements from small adjustments. If not, go back to your preferred positioning. The stereo image coming from your amp between the speakers is actually what you are striving for. If this bothers you, move the amp as you said or even better listen in the dark.

If possible, some treatment usually helps. At least first reflection areas on sidewalls 

Cheers iseland…..yes, I bought thick curtains for three walls, a pair per side so I can open to various degrees in the event of the curtains deadening the room too much. Still got work to do on room treatment/experimenting.


As @newbee suggested a little bit more distance to listening position might work better. I’ve read (and this works for me) the distance between tweeters is 1 and the distance from tweeters to ear is 1.2. Your room will be a big factor in final placement as noted above. If the amp is distracting you I recommend closing your eyes and dimming the lights when you listen. Then it’s just you and the music.