Making speakers “disappear”…..

So I’m just setting up my new system and dial it in-

Benchmark AHB2

Benxhmark DAC 3

Totem1 speakers


all trial and error here but…..when you guys are dialing in speaker placement do you move them around, closer and further away until the sound doesn’t actually seem that it’s coming from the speakers? So far I’ve found that sitting in a “triangle” - equal distance from the listening position that the speakers are placed apart and so far so good - do you guys do this or have any tips for me on this?


All good suggestions above.

Takes work and effort to get a system dialed in, but the results are worth it!

After all the hard work get the best sound by sitting in the sweet spot, not wearing glasses, and keeping eyes closed!

I would like to remind you that there is no EASY answer to this question and Much of any answer must include the design of the speaker. Your speakers design is a Major factor in what treatment is needed in your room. I was just discussing with a friend last evening how my own favorite design has the woofers up off of the floor quite a distance so that the emissions from the bottom of the speaker are not absorbed or reflected by the Floor/carpet. This would be opposed to manufacturers that put the woofer as close to the floor as possible for their own reasons. I am not discussing the validity of where speaker components as place but how it effects the reflective nature of the resultant sound.

Whatever your decision, I would pull in some HFTs from Synergistic Research. I've been playing with these the last several days and it changes the equation on what you can achieve and where you want to place your speakers.

One & Done:  Disconnect & move to another room. ;)

Sorry for the obvious pun...🤦‍♂️

@thomastrouble you started several posts with the same or overlapping questions within 36 hours and then you randomly follow up and respond to some suggestions. It’s not the first time I see this, but to me it seems counterproductive and redundant to say the least, I am confused about your intentions and how much value you will gain this way from all these well intentioned responses. It’s like a moving target.