Male to male XLR question

I'll be using my very first XLR cable and am confused by them all seemingly being male to female.
Im connecting my Jolida 6802 integrated to a soon to be here Musical Paradise DAC.

Do I DIY a male to male cable or do I purchase female to male adapter?

Thank you
Glad I asked! 
They look the same to me. 
You're sure about that?
Thank you. 

That’s the convention. The pins point to the destination, so outputs use male, inputs use female. Makes stringing large numbers of cables together a lot simpler in a professional environment where you have mic and amp runs.
The inputs on  your amp should look like the AES/EBU input on the DAC which is female so the input should be Male on the wire for the amp.   The XLR outputs on that DAC take female connectors on the wire. 
@djones51 You are 100% correct. Thank you for that last bit of description about the AES/EBU input. It made my brain see the difference. 
I am shocked, shocked, at the patriarchal oppression of these poor defenseless cables being forced into heteronormative binary categories of male and female gender without even once considering the cables own gender preference. Someone call the PC police at once. I would do it myself but am so traumatized I need to decompress in a safe space for at least a week.
"Male to male XLR question" 
Somehow this sounds like a pretty gay question, eh? 🤗 💓
Not sure its the right forum for this, no? 🤭🤔
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If they assemble the cables+connectors with the directionality of the cable wrong, you'd screwed--no reversing.