Man my Center Channel Sounds Sweet Tonight

Only things is , its not even on. Im listening in good old fashioned two channel balanced flat stereo, but the performers voices are coming dead center. Isnt it sweet after all the trials , research , tweaks , logic , non logic , blood , sweat and tears when you finally get it right. Here's to all the two channel heads tonight. Could not have done it w/o all the great A goners thoughts and theories to ponder. Many Thanks !
Well, yeah, but what happens when you stray from center cushion? A center channel is very important in a home theater installation -- especially if you have occasional guests. But I'm with you on the purist theme. That's why I keep my two-channel system separate from my home theater.
Bravo Daryllhifi

I heard a single pair of Wilson Watt/Puppy 7's recently which had an amazing feature -- a center channel speaker that was not only wireless and requred no additional amplification but was also completely invisible.

This seems to be a trend with high end speakers as my new Sonus Faber Auditors also come with the wireless, invisible center channel speaker, perfectly matched with the left and right.

So as Plato mentioned, I guess I am one of the "purist theme" guys because my concern for listening when I "stray from the center cushion" worries me about as much as my concern for the sound when I am wandering around the house in my underwear running the vacuum cleaner.

In my opinion, these observations also hold true for "home theatre" applications, other than the occasionally effective ambient sounds through the rear channels.

Even there, however, some directors believe the rear and ambient noises detracts from the film.

Then, the whole world buys Bose surround sound systems at the mall and thinks its high end. Go figure.
A center channel speaker can also be handy if the TV or other gear is between the main speakers -- unfortunately, mine has to be set up that way for my home theatre system. I'm glad you're enjoying the mains without the center. Should we call that the "naked" center channel or, per Cwlondon, the "underwear" center channel ?? ;-)
Well.......the soundstage is so good that anyone on my couch would swear the center channel was on. In fact I stare at it like it is on. At least its pretty to look at. Its a Silverline in Rosewood. I only have 1 room to play in so I had to combine HT / and Audio in 1 room, but my focus has always been on how does the two channel sound. IMO HT is EZ, mostly because the software on DVD's in DD and DTS is so damn good, its pretty hard to screw up. Its the two channel where I dedicate the time and the bacon.