Manger Audio Loudspeakers. Has anyone listened to these?

I am particularly fond of full range loudspeakers. I am not terrifically fond of whizzer cone designs because to make them work you have to decouple the main cone from the voice coil at high frequencies, a mechanical crossover.
As I understand it, the Manger driver is a flat Walsh driver. It will cover 120 Hz to 40 kHz! This will just make it down to subwoofer territory. Other full range drivers include Cube Audio and Fostex both of standard construction and both decouple the voice coil from the main cone at higher frequencies. Is this really all that bad or can it be done maintaining high fidelity? I have not heard any of them. Both the Manger and Cube drivers are very expensive, in and around $5000 for a pair. So, I can not afford to experiment. The Fostex is cheap in comparison but it looks well made and specs fine.
I plan on making a pair of open baffle "full range" speakers crossing to subs in and around 100 Hz. Which driver to use?
I once heard a DIY speaker that used a Manger driver.  IIRC, it was augmented in the bass range, either by a built in woofer or stand alone sub.  It sounded really good, but it will not do really deep bass without help.  It may be similar to a flat Walsh driver, as you put it, but it was still mounted, when I heard it, in a box, with all the issues that come with enclosures.  Now, if there was a way to build a speaker with a Manger driver in free air...
glennewdick, thanx. I had heard of Voxative but not Lii. Voxative certainly has nuts. $59K for a pair of 8" drivers with leather surrounds no less. But, they do have more reasonably priced units.
I'm thinking an 8 of 10" speaker. The larger driver will beam the midrange more making the speaker more directional which I think is one of the best ways to avoid room interaction. Pulling the deep bass out of it should lower distortion quite a bit. I was thinking of using a pair of Nelson Pass's Amp Camp amps on them, a MiniDSP and a pair of my model 4 subs. Part of the game here is trying to make a killer system for as little money as is reasonable. The Fostex still gets the node for value not sure about sound quality yet. The Lii's are Chinese and I am on a hiatus from their products for the time being.
I have heard the Manger setups at the major audio shows and very much liked the sound. I think single driver or planar speakers do better in the smaller room environments at the shows, as both tend to project a very solid coherent sound for my ears. I am not one for a lot of bass, so I cannot comment on that.
One more unwanted opinion. I did a lot of ob research and settled on the Lii’s; crystal 10 and w15 woofers with crossovers. First time fun and just started and not dialed in but impressed. I am coming from electrostats and a hiatus and kef before that. Little Betsy and eminence alpha woofers is a good entry point for fun. Maybe mark audio. Decware also makes interesting drivers (more expensive) I have not heard any. Visaton 200b . That in short is what I came across other than mentioned.
Good evening... More accurately, a Manger (and Walsh drivers) are 'bending wave transducers' that create a 'ripple' in their surface element, as opposed to pistonic motion of the voice coil on a cone.

In a Manger, this is a flat 'plate' membrane; in a Walsh, a cone typically  inverted & stretched in its' vertical axis.

The Walsh-style driver is used in Ohm speakers, which are omnis in nature.  The Mangers' are used more like a typical driver, mounted on the face of a cabinet.

You might look this over:

Both share the physics behind DML (Distributed Mode) Loudspeakers;  'flat membrane' speakers, which range from the 'poster speakers' (which look like a picture/painting of some size, hung on the wall) to hall arrays; the best of which I've found are:

I find this variant appealing in that two DML panels flank a AMT ribbon driver, very similar to my large ESS Heils...*S*

For one with a reeallly large listening space, one could go extreme:

Better Walsh radiators can be found @, but be prepared for the prices...  ...not only offers new versions of the 'original' Ohm speakers, but offers a 'stand-alone' Walsh radiator very similar to the G-P drivers....

...and quite like the drivers I DIY for my own amusement. ;)

Enjoy your music the way you do, J