Manley Chinook or Any comparable Preamp?

His Guys - I have a line on a Manley Chinook ....any users have good /bad experiences? Anything comparable better in that range? 

MY gear: 
Lyngdorf TDAI -2170
Tekton DI SE's 
Technics SL15 w P205CMK3 cartridge (might upgrade to new table soon) 

* Friend of mine is recommending Acoustic Signature WOW XL / TA 1000 Tone Arm

Having owned several preamps two other tube types, I can say I'll most likely stay with my Chinook, The SE addition is not worth the extra mile in my opinion cause the stock EH tubes are the best I've tried, plus the Manly customer service is next to none prompt concise answers, the president of the company has always answered mine :)
if you don't want to deal with tubes and are looking for something stone quiet, the Parasound 3 Jr is a bargain. if you want to tube roll Chinook, and buy from Kevin at Upscale 
i'm looking at the Manley chinook . i have a bel canto phono one . it's very good . not sure how big the upgrade would be 
the other quick change you can do on the chinook is replace those crappy 0.47 uf wima caps with a film and foil. the imaging will really open up a ton.