Manley Chinook SE MK2

What phono preamp and how much would it take to better the Manley? I ask mainly because I have one and considering upgrading. I know it's been stated that it takes $5k upwards to better it but curious of some real world experiences.  

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I'm using an ARC Ref 3 Phono with my Hana Umami Blue.  A match made in heaven IMHO.  

I would highly recommend the Sutherland Little Loco current driven phono stage

if you use a low output MC cart

no more settings for gain and impedance

Good luck Willy-T


I went from Chinook to Allnic H-5500 and loved the move so much it forced me to continue to upgrade phonos. 

I have a Rogers High Fidelity PA-2 and I've not heard anything better. It has an interesting feature where depending on the tube you use, it can provide different levels of gain. I'm currently running an Ortofon Winfeld Ti and it's output is only 0.2mv. The PA-2 makes 70db of gain in my current setup. Even though it's single ended I have no issues with gain. Have looked at doing something else like a ModWright PH150 but what I have is so good I'm reluctant to let it go. It's worth your consideration for sure