Manufacturer Repaired Dropped Integrated Amplifier - Should I Be Concerned?

AudigoN Team,

Question for you on a gently used solid state Class D integrated amplifier that I have the option of purchasing.  This unit was damaged in shipping as it was dropped by FedEx.  Because of the drop, I have the option to keep the unit after repairs (presuming an additional price reduction is offered to me by seller) or get my money back.

The speaker wire attachment post near the edge of the unit and the post attachment mounting surface were bent by the drop.  No other signs of visible damage.  Unknown if there is internal damage, because manufacturer instructed me to not power it before repair.  Unit on the way to manufacturer and manufacturer will repair and has stated that the warranty will be honored after repair even though the unit was dropped - didn't expect that!

Should I be concerned about the long-term reliability of this unit assuming that all visual damage is repaired and that the unit is power tested for functionality?  There is a price benefit over a new unit on this and depending on price adjustment, possibly over another used unit.

I presume that all electronics are designed for some level of acceleration based event during shipping.  Please provide your thoughts - with the assumption that the repaired unit is initially functioning properly and the warranty is still valid.  If this was your situation, would you pass on this or would you consider this still to be a viable option: a) if no internal damage was found, b) if there was internal damage to sensitive electronics that was repaired which would indicate that the integrated amplifier received a significant impact?

Thanks in advance.
To be more helpful, imo it would depend a LOT on the manufacturer. Reputation, quality, etc. If it's a small company� with less exposure and longevity, you don't even know if they will make it long term. A problem could show up in 2 or three years. Will they be around and will they stand behind it? If you don't know the answer to that, then it's an in the moment risk reward question. IF the discount is extreme, I might take a chance on it. But, you would get nothing for it down the road if you ever sold it. If you buy it, be prepared to accept it as write off for resale. 

Damaged goods as repaired well is a legit way to get good gear on the cheap, as long as you know you don't get ahead long term. It's best for buy and hold strategy. YMMV 
You are probably ok if the manufacturer servility, but personally it would bother me enough to get a refund and buy another one.
I wouldn’t buy it. There may be cracks in one of the circuit boards that may eventually give problems.  If you bought new, I would ask for a new one.  If bought used, I would pass on it.