Manufacturers with Excellent customer service

What’s been your experience? Who are the superstars in making things right for the customer, without fuss, and with quick turnaround? 
Legacy Audio. I had purchased a pair of their speakers and found one of the woofers was missing a bunch of screws that held the driver in place. I could not find that type of screw locally, and called Legacy. They sent me a package of the correct screws shipped UPS-NEXT DAY AIR. That tiny package cost them $50. This really impressed me!
Wolf audio. Joe and his staff are as fine as they come. Joe has been on the phone with me every time I have had a question or needed help. Being a bit older, I had some trepidation getting into computer audio.  Any fears I have had have been assuaged knowing Joe is there to assist. They stand behind their products like very few, not to mention their servers are outstanding.
Tara fixed a pair of 25 year old interconnects for me and all it cost me was the shipping to them.
Another happy VTL customer..... absolutely the worst in this industry.   Bea and Luke Manley are extremely rude and condescending,  have no concept of what great customer service is all about.