Maple or Granite

I have a Voyd TT and have now tried both maple and granite under the TT. With granite I get a very lively sound the keeps you up on your toes. At times it can be to much so I orderd a Mapleshade 4" platform and tried it under the TT. With instruments such as a sax or trumpet the sound is almost addictive as there is so much air and realism about it. The sound of a panio playing in the background of said instruments is all but lost on the maple. Cymbels are not as clear also.

I am going to try a HRS M3 that is granite and wood together. Maybe I can find the best of both worlds in the HRS.

Anyone else have the same experence as I had with both platforms?

How does maple sound under a tube amp?
want to solve your vibration / coloration issues

Silent Running Audio

even their VR line is stellar
made my cd player (Audio Aero Prima) go from good to great
the isolation and lack of coloration is incredible
they custom build each piece to the actual component

Over the years, I have expriemented with various layerings; granite , maple, MDF , marble & thin lead ,etc.

The most significant challenge for me dealt with the discovery that certian reflections / vibration returned from the platforms affecting whatever electronics that sat on that platform. Not that all colorations sounded bad to my ears , but distortation is the muck of audio-swampland.

I found the coupling either dry , bolted , glued and/or the compound used in gluing had and equal impact . Thus, the whole sheebang and the apparent random-ness of what sounded "good vs bad " started to drive me "audio-insane (AI)" , until, I bought the resonance dampers The Stillpoints.

The Stillpoints sit beneath my unsuspended turntable that sits above a 4hx15wX18d" custom-made platform of seasoned mapleblock. No AI anymore -- just music.

The motto of my story : A platform is just a platform for troubles until its isolated from the electronics above.
Interesting, Crem1. My box of Stillpoints are being delivered today. This issue of what the shelf material is and how it affects the sound does seem like a never ending trail. I really like the look of my Dakota Mahogany granite shelves, so I ordered the Stillpoints in hopes they would make the matter moot. If they work as well as the roller blocks I'm going to be done with this piece.