Mapleshade Double Helix

Hello, has anyone using the Double Helix innerconnects had a problem with grounding? I am using them at the present time and I am getting a buzz at the speakers. When I change back to Cardas cables I experience no buzz. Thanks
I am using the Double Helix digital cable with no difficulty. Try talking to Pierre at Mapleshade who is a wealth of information and good luck.
Do you have the interconnects in close proximity to any ac cords, ac outlets or transformers?? They can be sensitive to all of the above. The instructions must be closely observed. Do agree with DeKay...I would call Pierre. He is a wonderful source of information. Good luck.
Thanks for the response. Are you using tube or solid state equipment? I have spoke to Pierre at Mapleshade and he has been a great source of info however I still have the hum.I am using a Music Reference RM9 MK II and a ARC SP9 MKIII. The hum I am experiencing does not seem to be audible while listening. Still in the back of my mind is "how would it sound without the hum?" Again, thanks for the input.