Mapleshade Recordings

Have any of you heard the Mapleshade label's recordings? I purchased(mail ordered) their demo disk and was absolutely blown away. I purchased four more the next day. What's really great is that I enjoyed the music (blues, jazz, swing) as much as the astonishing recording.
Almost as good as the JVC XRCD recordings. The only problem is that most of the musicians are unknown and the songs they play are not mainstream. The recordings are so closed miked that you can even hear the flys.
Mapleshade recordings are great. I prefer them over most of the XRCD recordings. They sound more natural, IMHO. The King/Bluiett Trio recording "Makin' Whoopie" is the best of the best. This tribute to the great Nat King Cole Trio is stunning. Track #5, "These Foolish Things" is worth the price of admission alone.