Marantz 5001 cd player

Does anyone know if the Marantz 5001 cd player has a detachable powercord?
Also how does it stack up against other budget players?
I know Marantz has replaced it with the 5003, but I understand that 5001 at least outperforms the 5003 from some of reviews I have read. I would like to here from owners of the 5001 though.
I used to own a Marantz cd5001, a very nice player, smooth and organic sound. It does not have a detachable powercord. I believe it's replacement though, the cd5003, does have a detachable powercord.

For what it's worth, when I called Music Direct asking about the new cd5003 and how it compared to the older cd5001, I was told that the cd5003 was significantly better. I ended up going in a different direction so I never got to compare them with my own ears though.
First the bad news:I purchased a 5001 last year for nearfield listening in my office system(Hafler P 1600 Amp;Cary SPL 88 preamp&Polk RTA 1A speakers).I found it to be unlistenable in the nearfield.It was bright,thin & harsh.Of course swapping cables,speakers,or simply sitting farther away could remedy the situation.

Now the Good News:The 5001 makes an excellent transport.I've used it with both Perpetual 3A and Musical Fidelity A-3 24 DACs.The total cost for the 5001 and one of these excellent used DACs was under $500.My office is now my favorite place to listen!
The Marantz CD5003 DOES have a detachable powercord, but one needs to remember the cord has a C-7 type of connection, instead of an IEC connection. About the only audio companies that I found (so far) that have powercords with the C-7 connection are Audioquest, PS Audio and Cardas.

I also would be curious to hear peoples opinions on the Marantz CD5001 and CD5003. I previously owned both a Jolida JD-100 and NAD C542 (which I had to let go of because of some pressing bills) and I enjoyed both of those players, and would like to hear how these two Marantz players measure up to the "unmodded" Jolida and the NAD. Unfortunately I haven't found a dealer in my "neck of the woods" (northern VA/DC) that I can go and have a listen.