Marantz 6000 OSE direct to amp?

I've just bought a used Marantz 6000 OSE which has a variable output/volume control. I read a reviewers claim that the player improved dramatically when connected directly to his amp. I have a Classe Audio CAP-151 integrated amp in which the amp and preamp sections can be disconnected from each other so I connected the 6000 OSE directly to the amp portion. Incredibly enough the all around improvement in sound was amazing. My problem is that with the player's volume control turned all the way down the gain was still very high and in the late evening I need to be able to turn it down. Can anybody suggest a way to accomplish this.
Fort Myers, Florida
I think a passive preamp, basically a box with a volume knob and and a pair of in/outputs, would be the right solution for you. The English brand Creek makes a good, affordable one, and I've heard some good things about Jolida.
I only wonder about the digital variable output on the Marantz. Normally, sound quality deteriorates with most digital volume controls at low outputs. My own Marantz (63 KI) sounds better with the output at max through the preamp than directly plugged in in the poweramp, so I'm a bit baffled that the preamp in the Classé sounds worse.
Just make sure, if you run the Marantz into a passive preamp, you turn the output to the max and use the preamp for levelcontrol.
You could try something like an in-line 10db attenuator from Rothwell. It would lower the volume across the entire range of your volume control.


Thanks for your replies. Satch, I will try your suggestion first as I have not used the player in that fashion. Obviously the cost of that solution is very appealing.