marantz 6350q turntable budget cartridge?

Hi all... Is there a replacement cartridge & stylus that would be a meaningful and sensible upgrade in sound for under $75? And, must i have it professionally installed/aligned if i'm not able to do it myself?

I just scored a nice working and looking marantz 6350q turntable for $40 as replacement for my pioneer pl-530 with a "motivational" issue. It sounds nice and i think the bass is clearer/rounder/warmer but the trebble seems a bit brassy/brash/harsh compared to what i was used to despite using the same el-cheapo shure cartrige, stylus and the pioneer headshell??? I thought the cartridge & stylus basically was the main influence on the sound of a middle-of-the-line TT like this, assuming speed, wow & rumble are all in check. However, I'm no audiophile, just a record and music lover, and most of my records are $1-$5 60's/70's jazz, rock, soul, funk, country & blues ranging from pretty beat up but plays to VG/VG+ and I do clean and brush them before playing. my receiver is a 2004 Yamaha Natural Sound RX 396 if that matters.

Thanks all for any responses, advise, suggestions, etc...
Since the 6350q is a rare and desirable model, mint condition examples can fetch $500 or more. It's a good table but not that good.

So, you have another option: sell it and buy something more modern. In fact, assuming the table was in great shape, you could probably take the profits and buy a nice used integrated amp from Rega, NAD, Rotel, Cambridge, Arcam or others to upgrade your Yamaha, and still have a few hundred left over for a used Rega, Pro-Ject, Music Hall or similar turntable. Then sell the Yamaha and use the money for a cartridge upgrade.

My guess is you'd do better on eBay than Audiogon with this particular item.
Ed, I don't think the entry-level turntables you mention are an improvement over the Marantz, they just sound different. The Marantz will beat all the turntables you mention in speed accuracy and consistency. The virtues of a one-piece straight tonearm over an S-curve with removable headshell are overblown as well.

I tend to agree. I'd keep the Marantz if it were you or me. But...

(1) In Terrapin70's case, his receiver just isn't cutting it. So I think he has the opportunity here to take his system to the next level by selling the Marantz and getting into an integrated so he can enjoy all of his sources more.

(2) Also, he says he's uncomfortable with turntable setup. As we both know, setup makes a big difference and a nice Rega P1 or something with a pre-mounted cartridge may actually offer better performance in real world terms than an improperly set up, 30-year-old Marantz that probably needs some TLC.

Now, if either of us were smart, we would have told him, "Yeah, the Marantz is a real piece of crap. I'll take it off your hands for $40 to spare you the embarrassment." But you just can't do that to a fellow Audiogoner.
Good points, Ed.

I just hate to see him sacrifice the Marantz for one of the entry-level MDF turntables. I do agree that better electronics would be an improvement.

It'd be nice if he could Terrapin 70 could spring for an Onkyo A-9555 integrated. I like it better than the similarly priced Brit-designed integrated's. More power and current, subterranean noise floor, and a very nice MM phono section to boot.

Terrrapin70, what are your current speakers?
Keep the marantz great find and superior build to starter regas etc sell yammie and look 4 older nad or rotel intergrated these will have better phono stages some sensible sound advice on carts here