Marantz AV7703 Processor dead

After a short thunderstorm this evening, my less than year old $2K Marantz AV7703 Surround Sound Processor is messed up.  While it turns on and the display appears, there is no more audio, the display no longer shows any speakers working, both sub-woofers no longer working, the 12V switching to turn on and off my amp is dead, etc.  The amp remains on continuously.  I tried the reset procedures but there is no video output to my TV for on screen set up as required by the display.  It does switch between sources and audio formats using the remote on the display but the words that appear I've never seen before.  Does anyone know if there is a HARD reset button somewhere on this unit or is it time to haul it into my audio store for warranty work?  What a pain in the butt this is.  I can't believe it.  Not even a year old and after spending $2K, this unit is screwed up.  What the heck happened?  It is protected with a PS Audio Duet Power Center from surges which has worked a number of times before during power cycles due to storms.  
Check with the credit card company you used to purchase the unit. Several will cover damage such as this. 
Thanks members.  All good responses.  The first response about taking a hit through the HDMI cable from the cable TV box makes sense since the power supply is still working properly.  The unit should have built-in protection against that.  It's the firmware that's completely out of wack. I 'm going to take the unit tomorrow to my A-V store where I purchased it new last fall and leave it for warranty repair. 
Unit is in for repair.  The owner of my high end A-V store explained that surges can enter a unit from many paths, not just the power cord.  So in a T-Storm, even if you disconnect the power cord from your surge protector device, that's only one path eliminated.  Think about how many cables you have connected to your surround sound processor or receiver.  Are you going to disconnect everyone each time a storm hits?  Not likely.  Yes I agree that biOdrain nailed it down to what most likely occurred.