Marantz AV7706 11.2Ch 8K Ultra HD AV Surround Pre-Amplifier with HEOS®

Anyone have one of these who would like to share their experience?

I am contemplating upgrading my, almost 10 year old Onkyo 838.

Though it still functions as it did out of the box, it is getting a little long in the tooth and missing some functionaliy (8k, 4k120, Imax, etc) with no updates in years.

Starting to do comparisons.  The Denon of the, seemingly, same “caliber” is a little less money.

Yet the Marantz offers XLR outs for those long cable runs.

I really don’t want to spend more than $3500 or so though.  HT is just not a really big part of life.


Single unit solely for HT.

I have my separates for music.

Carver 4000t, sublime audio active crossover, Carver A760x (lows), Carver RAM285 (on order) mids/highs, Tekton Double Impact SE (bi amp, single berylium tweeter), Carver Silver Seven 900 to Magnepan 1.7i (maggies on order, eta, late May), 2x tekton 2-10 subs.  

For HT I currently have 2014 Onkyo, klipsch theater speakers with with 2 self powered surrounds (not klipsch) on a klark technics wireless connection..

So yeah, only need a newer HT receiver solely for upgrading codecs and video out (8k, with upsampling for what can be).


Thank you.

OK, the 7706 is a processor, not a receiver.

BTW, I have a Carver AV 505 powering my height channels that aren’t active, great amp! Same pedigree as the A series you have using trickle down tech from the Lighstar.

For a receiver I recommend the Marantz AV50 (with the Audyssey or Dirac upgrade), the Onkyo RZ50 with Dirac or the Sony 5000ES.

You can’t go wrong with any of them, I think the online dealer Audio Advice carries all 3 lines and you can call for details. Onkyo and Klipsch have the same corporate owner so that might be a plus.

Denon AVR-X4800H?

The Sony is interesting with the 5 year warranty and support for wireless rear speakers.  But the, 2,  subs are not individually controllable as on denon, onkyo, marantz, though the onkyo has only 2 sub outs.. and all of these have but a 3 year warranty.  But will I ever use 4 subs.. shrug, for HT I only have 1 now. Though it does get a bit boomy.. though less so since I started with room treatment panels.

But the onkyo does have the klipsch integration for, most, of the speakers I have on the HT system…

bleh.. choices.. sometimes too many..  I need to create a spreadsheet to keep em all straight..oh well, at least I have time since the current onkyo still works.