Marantz AV7706 11.2Ch 8K Ultra HD AV Surround Pre-Amplifier with HEOS®

Anyone have one of these who would like to share their experience?

I am contemplating upgrading my, almost 10 year old Onkyo 838.

Though it still functions as it did out of the box, it is getting a little long in the tooth and missing some functionaliy (8k, 4k120, Imax, etc) with no updates in years.

Starting to do comparisons.  The Denon of the, seemingly, same “caliber” is a little less money.

Yet the Marantz offers XLR outs for those long cable runs.

I really don’t want to spend more than $3500 or so though.  HT is just not a really big part of life.


Denon AVR-X4800H?

The Sony is interesting with the 5 year warranty and support for wireless rear speakers.  But the, 2,  subs are not individually controllable as on denon, onkyo, marantz, though the onkyo has only 2 sub outs.. and all of these have but a 3 year warranty.  But will I ever use 4 subs.. shrug, for HT I only have 1 now. Though it does get a bit boomy.. though less so since I started with room treatment panels.

But the onkyo does have the klipsch integration for, most, of the speakers I have on the HT system…

bleh.. choices.. sometimes too many..  I need to create a spreadsheet to keep em all straight..oh well, at least I have time since the current onkyo still works.

Another one to throw into the mix is the Arcam AV40/41. I've had mine for two years and have nothing but good things to say about it. It beat out Marantz and Denon no pure sound quality (HT and music) when I was in the market and auditioned.


I've used it for HT purely and have a separate 2-channel system.

Yeah, ARCAM might be something I would look at if I needed an audio preamp.. but it is twice the price of the denon and marantz or onkyo..  I don’t like movies THAT much…



Of the 3 receivers Onkyo is on sale at 20% off on Amazon (which also has a 30 day return policy).

The Onkyo comes with Dirac, with the Marantz you have to pay for either the dirac upgrade or the audyssey upgrade so you save even more money with the Onkyo.

The Sony is a great piece but costs around $1000 more than the Onkyo.

Finally the Onkyo has homefield advantage with the Klipsch integration which is a big plus to have the room correction tuned to your speakers.

Joint video about Onkyo from klipsch: