Marantz CD6005,SA8004 or Oppo 105?


I'm finally upgrading my system after many years and would like to hear some feedback about these difference sources. I currently have a pair of B&W 630's, an old Denon reciever and a Sony multi cd changer.

Last year I demoed the Marantz 5004, and while it was much more detailed, with much more bass response, it wasn't the most musical to my ears. Rock sounded great on it, but it was lacking with Jazz or Classical.

Anyone familiar with the above cd players? I won't be using the Oppo for anything other than listening to music.
I have my eye on the above cd players and would love to get some feedback or advice. About them or better alternatives.

Thanks for the responses. It seems like everyone is switching to music server based systems these days. Is that truly the trend and if so is the sound quality as good? And is it more or less expensive?

I'm very interested in this feature of the Oppo. Can anyone tell me how their experience with it?

USB Asynchronous DAC – By bypassing the low fidelity, poor quality DAC of traditional computer soundcards, the BDP-105 turn any computer into a high performing multi-media source by converting digital audio to analog through the ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC. If your computer can play it, the BDP-105 can convert it to analog.
If playing higher resolution files via front load thumb drive is important to you the Marantz 6005 will not do higher resolution files via front load USB thumb drive. Brochure claims it will do 24/192 and we have tired numerous file formats of that same resolution and it does not. Called Marantz support - they cannot confirm that the unit will do it even though the marketing department advises it can...

Can't speak for the same issue with the SA-8004 but rest assured the Oppo 105 can as my 95 does everything so damn well.
Excellent, excellent excellent Rgd!

Really appreciate the advice. I'm definitely leaning toward the Oppo!

Thanks again.
One more thing,

Will I need to have the Oppo set up thru a TV set in order to play the digitized music? Can I just use the remote? Or a laptop?