Marantz integrated volume steps via remote - PM 8005/8006 or PM 6005/6006

Looking for info on how much the volume steps increase via the remote on the PM 8000 series or PM 6000 series. Cannot find this info on web and Marantz is slow to respond to my query. May purchase one of these but I like fine volume steps from a remote and am a bit leery the steps may be too abrupt. These models have no display screen like higher end PM models. Thanks for any insight.
I have a PM8004 int. amp. and like the volume control via remote. Pretty smooth and the volume increase seemed about right.
Thanks philjolet. I see the new PM8006 even has a new type volume control so likely should not be an issue.
my Parasound Halo is a bit nicer with smaller increments but not a huge difference. 

good luck