Marantz sa 8260: buy or run away

I have heard alot of conflicting quality issues concerning this it primarly with sacd only discs(non-hybrids) or conventional redbood cds too? for 4-500 used seem like a good deal..maybe not...

Granted it's a nice sounding player, but absolutely unreliable. And even if you send it in for repair, Marantz will only address the problems specific to the disc(s) you send in that won't play. It's just a matter of time before *other* discs stop playing and you have to send it in again (the cycle never ends).
Never a problem with mine which I bought as the 2nd owner and have had over 2 years now. Some have had problems for sure, but I respectfully disagree with the flavor of Jonathan's assessment.
To be sure though, "it's just a matter of time" with ANY piece of equipment.
Just like with any other purchase, consider who you are buying it from and if they are accurate and honest about the description and it's performance.
Good Listening!
It's a terrific sounding player when it works well. However, mine refused to play any discs within less than 100 hours or so. It was relaced with the SA 8001 model which has about a hundred or so hours currently and plays flawlessly. I cannot say which sounds better having not had them at the same time. For a little more $, I would definitely go with the SA 8001 which has read everything I have thrown at it so far.
I hope this helps....