Marantz SA10 sacd player

I love this  player , after 3 yrs and 2 months I purchase it. It doesn’t read single layer sacd. It’s out of waaranty.So United Radio marantz authorize won’t repair it. Is this a common issue on this expensive sacd player?


I think if you own SA 10 and Ruby it’s good to have reserve traverse assembly optic lens, Encompass is selling for $51.I learn a lesson from my 9000es Modwright. When the lens gave up. No more parts available after 10yrs.. I paid Modwright $1800 for the mod, the 9000es Sony is 1k. The Sony became useless.

Jafant Iam still busy , I have not have time to bring it to stereo Rehab. My friend from Music Direct also recommended stereo Rehab.

Jafant I went talk to stereo rehab guy Casper very nice guy. Nice store. I did not bring my SA10.He said , he can do it. Only if the parts came from Encompass.So yes I like Him to do it.TVAD thank you.