Marantz SA8005

Anyone have the opportunity to hear one yet? I got mine 3 days ago so it has about 75 hours on it so far in continuous burn-in. Very happy so far. Although it sounded remarkably good right out of the box, the soundstage is opening up in all 3 dimensions. Going from an Arcam CD192 to the Marantz, the instruments have their own "space" in the soundstage without sounding detached musically. The other big thing is the smoothness of texture and a diminution in the upper midrange, inviting the listener in, rather than having the music "at you" demanding attention.

Anyone else have the opportunity to give this new SACD player a listen?
I've got the SA8004 and really like that. I didn't know their was a 2005? What's the difference if you know?
Did you see that The Absolute Sound's "High-End Audio Buyer's Guide 2016" lists the Marantz SA8005 on Page 194 with CD/SACD Players?