Marantz SA8260 Filter Switch on Rear Panel

Has anyone who owns the Marantz SA8260 switched the filter on the back panel to "custom"? The owner's manual states that this should only be performed if one has a "next generation amp that supports SACD", otherwise possible amplifier or speaker damage may result. The switch is factory set to the "standard" position to filter very high frequencies at the player's output. Comparing the two settings would be worthwhile, but I am afraid of damage or overheating of amp/tweeters. I have a Placette Active Linestage, Plinius SA100 Mk2 and Dunlavy SC4a...John
I owned it's big brother, a Marantz SA14 which had a similar switch. The SA14 sounded much better in the custom setting. I used several amps and 2 different speakers with no problems. If I had your system I would try it, but that is of course your risk and your decision. My guess is that if you throw the switch you will get a much more refined, detailed and better sound.
Should one check the specifications of their amp to see if they handle the high frequencies over 20,000Hz? If their spec says: 10Hz to 40kHz, does that mean it will handle a 40,000 Hz signal from an SACD player without problems?
Good questions...
I have some Odyssey Extreme Mono amps and supposedly they handle from 1-100,000khz, so, I should perhaps put it to custom too, right?
I don't know, its confusing what they (Marantz) mean by next generation Amps...

Any one help?