Marantz SA8260 plus Scott Nixon Tube Dac

Hello A-goners! Man is it cold here in NW Indiana (-8 degrees) right now. I picked up a Cary 308T cd player last week and I'm completely blown away! The synergy I've got in my system now (see system) is awesome. The other nite I had a "Maggie Moment". You know, when you here "other" people and/or sounds, in the room when you're listening to some of your favorite music. Whoa! Anyway, I'm curious as whether or not I could add a SN TubeDac and connect my Marantz SA 8260 to enjoy the SACD stuff through a tubed output. Anybody got this setup or something similar? Results are?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

SACD info is only relayed through the analog outputs on your Marantz player not through the coax or optical output that you would use to send it to the Nixon DAC. Therefore you cannot get a the "tube sound" from SACD with your existing gear.
Duhh! I should have known that! Anyway then, as a follow up, is there a tube output modification out there for my 8260? Is there a tube SACD player that's worth considering? Any comments or experiences with either?