Marantz SC-7S2 solid state preamp- how good is it?

has anyone auditioned this reference preamp from Marantz and/or compared it to anything else at the ~$4k used price point? Any comments appreciated on how this stacks up- not may reviews out there...
I've only heard about 8 hrs of music on a new one that may not be broken in yet- 4 of those using a Carver power amp (tfm-15cb),the other four hours with the Ma-9s2 monoblocks.
So far (admittedly,not very) It has been noticeable mainly by it's absence.That is to say that it hasn't really drawn my attention-it's just there doing it's job. I'm thinking it's REALLY neutral sounding.

I’ve heard it under showroom conditions with the 9 monoblocks, and the sound was sublime. The dealer plugged in an Ayre preamp—forget the model—for the Marantz, and the sound suddenly became much more “hifi-ish,” for lack of a better word. Just not as musical or involving. Judging by that experience, I think the Marantz is a winner and worth your consideration.
thanks guys- good comments- the (few) reviews I have read seem to always pair it in the context of a 'full Marantz' system (with the MA-9S2 monoblocks)- was wondering how it was with other amps as well...
Hooper characterized the sound of the Marantz system as sublime-precisely the word a friend used to describe it a couple of days ago.
I don't know what speakers you are using, but with the Dynaudio's (which some refer to as "clinical- sounding")
the synergy seems very good.
In re: other amps, the aforementioned Carver tfm-cb is the only other amp I've heard it with and I've never heard it sound better.