Marantz sr 5005 setup question

Hi folks, just bought a Marantz SR 5005 to replace my Harman Kardon AVR 254. With the HK I enjoyed watching DirectTV while listening to music on my Wadia ipod dock. So, I was able to watch hdmi video from the Directv reciever and listen to digital coax audio coming from the Wadia. I setup the AUX input on the HK to play hdmi video and digital coax audio very easily. With the Marantz I haven't figured out how to do this? Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Is this even possible with the Marantz? Any help would be much appreciated!
You can, you'll need to set up a new source with HDMI for video and coax for audio it can easily be done in the input settings.
Thanks Kennyt, each time I try to setup the source labeled TV with the HDMI from the Directv receiver as well as coax from Wadia, here is what happens. The hdmi input from Directv receiver is then removed from the original source labeled SAT in the input assign menu and moved to the source labeled TV. When I select the source labeled TV on the input selector, I have hdmi video and audio playing and no audio from digtal coax. But, the digital coax is showing up in the input assign menu as being assigned for use in the same source. Make sense? Any ideas?
Set the digital input to coax, I think that is all you need to do tho it's been a few months since I went through the setup, I think you can do it though.
Nope, can only play video from digital coax or component and audio from digital coax at the same time in this case. The manual says I can't play hdmi video and another audio source. The Video Select option will allow selection of different video sources, but only from inferior component or coax inputs. Also, can't play any digital inputs thru zone 2, got to come in thru the rca analog inputs. The HarmanKardon AVR 254 did these things for me. It's frustrating that the Marantz will not. The sound from the Marantz is so impressive, I'm keeping it despite being not near as user friendly as the HK imo.
You can then run component from the DTV box to a separate input and then assign the audio source to whatever you want, component will easily handle the 1080i of DTV and the audio is never better than DD/DTS sop coax of optical digital will cover that.