Marantz SR6006 HDMI out to TV problem.

Recently installed Marantz sr6006 and ran hdmi to receiver then to tv. Felt like the picture was veiled like a fog and colors muted. Ran component from dish receiver to tv and found the picture was much improved. Veil was gone. Picture was crisp and colors vibrant. When I switched back to hdmi my wife asked what I had done. Said picture was awful!!

Anyone have a suggestion on what might be causing this?
Recently had the same problem with a denon receiver causing some banding in the picture. Took the HDMI feed direct to the tv and problem was solved and the overall picture was greatly improved. Obviously in both our cases the video processing in the receiver was decreasing the quality of the picture. So now I feed HDMI directly to my TV but still feed an HDMI signal to the receiver for the audio. Works great
That's really odd. I'm not an expert with theater but I remember that some HT receivers do not deal with hdmi the same way. The problem may lie there. I would check the owners manual and see what it says about hdmi conversion. Also, you may just have a cable problem. If you have extras, I would try swapping them out to rule out any type of defect.
Thanks for the suggestions so far. My hdmi cables are Monoprice high speed cables. Should I try a different brand? Have a 50 foot hdmi from monoprice that runs from the receiver to the bedroom. It seems to be fine.

My planned approach is:
1 Try a different hdmi cable
2. Different hdmi output from receiver (it has two)
3. Run a Blu Ray movie through the receiver checking both picture and sound for hd.
4. Try a different hdmi input on the tv
5. HDMI direct from dish box to tv

Any other suggestions for what I might try. I will go through all settings on both the tv and the receiver when I start.