Marantz SR6006 HDMI out to TV problem.

Recently installed Marantz sr6006 and ran hdmi to receiver then to tv. Felt like the picture was veiled like a fog and colors muted. Ran component from dish receiver to tv and found the picture was much improved. Veil was gone. Picture was crisp and colors vibrant. When I switched back to hdmi my wife asked what I had done. Said picture was awful!!

Anyone have a suggestion on what might be causing this?
HDMI cables can be a pain. I've had them brand new, right out of the package that were bad. A single sharp bend can ruin one. I would try swapping out that cable, and trying a new one. It shouldn't look that way. Even a cheap one from Walmart should look pretty good. Even though I work in an Audio/Video store, I still use component cables rather than HDMI in my own theater room.
Same problem with sockets and plugs. If you have more than one input on the tv, try a different one. also try a different HDMI out on the AVR

While I agree HDMI has been a huge PITA, it has gotten better and to use component stops you from having 1080p......

I have seen theaters set up this way several years ago but nmow I think all modern gear demands HDMI.