Marantz TT15/ Clearaudio Satisfy for MC carts?

I’m putting together a second system which I’m very excited about. My new Integrated is the Naim XS3, which drive my Harbeth Compact 7 (non XD) speakers. So on to my question...I recently heard the TT15, and was very impressed. I would say it’s now the #1 choice to be my analog source for this system. I can’t imagine doing much better for the money. I have learned from reviews that the TT15’s Satisfy arm may actually exceed the performance of the (Verify?) arm that comes on the Clearaudio Concept. But my concern for the future is how the Satisfy arm will do with MC cartridges. The supplied Virtuoso MM sounded very impressive running in to the Naim in the dealers showroom. But I would still like to gather opinions to see if the Satisfy arm will also play well with MC cartridges. Btw...for those who are not aware, the TT15 is made by Clearaudio.


I think it would be hard to go wrong with the Marantz. I even bought a $20 gizmo from Amazon, which is a grounded female outlet, wired to a male grounded plug. This comes with a mini hand held remote enabling you to turn on/off anything plugged in to it.... Sort of a heavy duty version of the ones Home Depot sells for turning a Christmas tree on/off via a remote. This device will allow me to bypass the power switch which is located on the rear leg of the TT15. So no chance of moving the motor like a few owners have mentioned. Another interesting option would be the Merrill GEM Dandy, but since Jelco is no longer making tonearms, that has become a pricier proposition. The Mo-Fi Studio/Ultradeck tables also look interesting. The shop where I listened to Marantz also had the Mo-Fi. They felt the Mo-Fi was more laid back sounding. I think my system balance with the Compact 7’s would appreciate the more lively TT15.


I have heard the Mofi Ultradeck, but not head to head with the TT15.  I thought it was a nice sounding deck and appeared to be more straightforward to operate and more user friendly than the TT15.

Mo-Fi is coming out with a new table, and judging from the photo, it's pretty sweet looking. A  bit more than I want to spend, but since we are on the subject...It's supposed to be coming in around $6K. 




Whatever you buy, IMO, you should buy from the local dealer who demonstrated the Marantz for you.  As a newbie, you will have a lot of questions about setup, and probably 10 other things.  It is really good to have a local person who can and will assist you, rather than running on forums looking for answers.  Do yourself a favor.  Analog requires a little more commitment than spinning CDs and it's nice to have some help at any stage, but especially in the beginning.  Also, just one more thought - don't drive yourself crazy about which TT to buy, as if it's going to be your last.  It probably isn't.  Just buy something good and play records for a couple of years until you learn what you like and what you don't.  Then you can jump into something higher priced. At this point, you don't know what's important to you as an individual as far as analog playback goes.  Nothing wrong with MoFi products either, but I think it's unrealistic to think your first TT is going to be your last at this stage of the game.  That's it.