Marantz TT15/ Clearaudio Satisfy for MC carts?

I’m putting together a second system which I’m very excited about. My new Integrated is the Naim XS3, which drive my Harbeth Compact 7 (non XD) speakers. So on to my question...I recently heard the TT15, and was very impressed. I would say it’s now the #1 choice to be my analog source for this system. I can’t imagine doing much better for the money. I have learned from reviews that the TT15’s Satisfy arm may actually exceed the performance of the (Verify?) arm that comes on the Clearaudio Concept. But my concern for the future is how the Satisfy arm will do with MC cartridges. The supplied Virtuoso MM sounded very impressive running in to the Naim in the dealers showroom. But I would still like to gather opinions to see if the Satisfy arm will also play well with MC cartridges. Btw...for those who are not aware, the TT15 is made by Clearaudio.


If you're going to bring your budget up to $6K, then you open up a new set of possibilities.  You could spend a lot less than that and have a much better table and tonearm.  This is a good starting place - Restored Turntables – Sota Turntables

The Mo-Fi ad says $6K for the Table, and $5K for the phono. If it’s $3K, I think my search is over. Chayro...I totally agree with you. Just so I’m doing my best to communicate.....I went to the dealers to hear the Naim XS 3. I purchased it on the spot. He happened to be using the TT 15 as a source, which sounded very good. If not, I wouldn’t have purchased the Naim. All that aside, if I choose the Marantz, I have no reason not to buy it from the dealer. I enjoyed my time there, and he was extremely nice, and quite knowledgable. So again, no reason not to purchase the Marantz from him. One other point I should note is that this is my second system. I have (for me) a reference table in my main system. So while I’m not a setup whiz, I do fairly well with my own setups. However, there is no doubt a dealer with good setup skills would be most valuable to me. Cheers -Don

@fjn04 , As a followup, just curious how your 2nd system and turntable eventually worked out for you. We hope well!

Very cool of you to reach out. I've yet to make the purchase due to finances. I am getting close though.. I am considering AVID, Thorens TD 150, and the Marantz is still in the running. I think the Thorens is the front runner now. The standard mystery tonearm appears to be an EMT. Its got some heft at 14 grams and should be a nice match for my TSD75, which is one of my backup carts from my main setup. The Avid tables are nice, but apparently I have to go up to the Diva SP in order to get a switchable (push button) 33/45 speed change. That may be a deal breaker. So that leaves the Marantz. and the TD 150, which costs $1,000 more. The Marantz of comes with the Virtuoso cart, so I suppose one could say the difference is more than $1,000. But in the end, I will choose the table which is better suited to my tastes.