Margules Audio Magenta SA 2 Speakers question

I am about to purchase a pair of these speakers. 

They seem well made and they sound great but I am unfamiliar with this brand.

Looking for any opinions / input

Thank you


I am a fan of the brand.

All of their products seem to offer a lot of sound quality for the $$.

I owned their phono stage for a while. It was the best under $1000 phono stage I’ve ever heard. But it would only do MM, and I decided to move to MC.

I’ve only heard the speakers at an audio show but despite the usual problems with hotel room sound quality, they sounded very good. They got them to disappear pretty well. They sounded quite detailed, and natural. 

I too was unfamiliar with the brand. Local dealer close to me in Western PA got me hooked. I picked up their ACRH-3 integrated amp. It is an impressive piece. The build quality is excellent, it's powerful and very easy to listen to. I wouldn't hesitate to buy Margules again. I've understood their speakers are excellent. 

I've read that Margules is one of the oldest audio brands in he world, both pro and home. 

Agree with @simonmoon in that the phono section of my integrated is a real winner. No need for an outboard phono pre-amp.