Mark Levinson 27.5 vs McIntosh Mc-2500

I bought a pair of Klipschorn 17 years ago, I do not seem to be able to get rid of them for they are so incredibly good. I ended up bying systems around it. I am now running an AR Sp-4 preamp and a Dunlap-Clarke Dreadnought 1000 amp. They sound great but my local stereo repair shop complained the last time I took my amp for routine chek up. I now want to buy another amp. I have $2,500.00 disposed for an amp. I love McIntosh and Mark Levinson. I will be happy with either one but I want to know which one is better. I will take any suggestion including other speakers (I listen to classical mainly and occasionally use it for home theater).
Of the two amps I would say the Levinson. The Mc is on the warm side, as is the Klipsch, a little too much of a good thing. However, I would suggest that you look into some lower powered tube units. The Klipsch at 104 dB/watt (conservative measurement at that) does not need 100 watts. 5 watts will do, and they sound really great with tubes.
A friend of mine loves horn speakers but can't stand the erratic frequency response most of them have. So, he uses the Accuphase digital EQ to flatten the response. Of course there are newer less expensive models available from other companies like TACT now. But, it could be a way for you to keep the speakers you love and get better sound.
Thank you guys for helping me with my problem. I think that I am going to pospond the upgrade of my 1997 Range Rove to the new one and dedicate more money towrads an entirely new system in hopes I can be happy with it for the next 10 to 15 years. Now what can it be?

Thanks again.