Mark Levinson 32 and reliability

I'd like to buy one of these stunning preamps (used) but
someone told me that more than one 32 has given various
problems and it's not the most reliable ML preamp.
Any direct experience (positive or negative) with this model?
Thanks a lot in advance.
Fascinating reading. The above just underlines my experience that it was very difficult when trying to choose gear, what to go for, too much choice too little out there exept annual shows to try out systems. So I went for experienced top-notch companies with great service records. Yes, I read about the DartZeel gear, and I applaud these great entreprenerial guys behind this emerging brand.
But I'm very happy with my ML32-ML33h-Valhalla setup and I am mostly concentrating on what music to buy, rather than what upgrade or next component to go for. No issues with my great ML amps, but I've only had my gear less than a year.
I have a N32Rf from Mr,Mark Glazier(President of Madrigal)the N32 it was built very quality.I have no any problem.great sound then Vac preamp.
fyi, production of the No. 32 has been terminated, it is now a legacy product/retired.

My Mark Levinson no32 reference preamp show right channel NC read out.

what does it means. With this read i won’t be able to power up the preamp. 
please advise or help ..